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Actuaries and consultants


Equity Release

  • Design and pricing

    • Advice on the design and pricing of lifetime mortgages and home reversions, including, for UK products, compliance with the Equity Release Council's "Statement of Principles"
    • Advice on administrative and operational requirements, including outsourcing.
  • Experience analysis

    • Analysis of the experienced decrement, expense and other assumptions, including comparisons with the pricing and valuation basis.
  • Internal and external funding

    • As an asset of a life company
    • Wholesale funding including identifying structures and potential investors.

Defined contribution pensions

We provide advice on DC pensions to providers, investment managers, employers and trustees.

  • Choice of vehicle

    • Advice on DC pension arrangements, including occupational pension DC, personal pensions and SIPPS.
  • Investments

    • Investment strategies including default funds, target date funds and lifestyling approaches.
  • Governance

    • Advice on governance arrangements.

Corporate Finance Advisory


  • Actuarial advice

    • Analysis of insurance companies for flotation, placement, merger or acquisition purposes
    • Advice on capital funding structures.
  • Full advisory service with partners

    • Provision of a full, independent corporate finance advisory service in conjunction with Anthem Corporate Finance
    • Alternatively, working with your chosen corporate finance advisers and investment banks.

Services to other professional firms

We also provide consultancy to other professional firms including law firms, accountants and tax advisers in the following areas.

  • Expert witness

    • Acting as an expert witness in court cases.
  • Longevity

    • Advice on mortality/longevity and other demographic risks including, where appropriate, analysis and modelling.
  • Valuations for inheritance tax and other purposes

    • Valuation of life tenancies and property reversions
    • Valuation of other long term interests in property or other investments with predictable income streams where there is no readily obtainable market valuation.

Golding Smith & Partners provides a wide range of consultancy services to its clients

We work with clients ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.  The services offered include consultancy in the following areas.

Life insurance










  • Actuarial and risk management

    • Regulatory returns and statutory financial reporting including the calculation of the firm's technical provisions and Solvency II capital requirements
    • Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
    • Internal reporting including analyses of sources of profits and loss
    • Detailed analyses of the experienced mortality, expense and other assumptions, including comparisons with the firm's premium and valuation assumption.
  • Establishment of new companies

    • Assistance with the establishment of new life companies and changes to the authorisation of existing companies, including the preparation of business plans and applications.
  • Financial modelling

    • Financial modelling, including stochastic modelling
    • Construction of internal models.
  • Investment services

    • Advice on investment strategies and the nature of investments, including the choice of investment managers, where investment management is outsourced or external funds are offered
    • Internal and external fund governance
    • Asset liability management.
  • Peer review

    • Peer reviews of actuarial work
    • "Actuarial audit " of the in-house actuarial function.
  • Product development

    • Advice on the design and pricing of life, pensions, equity release and disability products, including any reinsurance requirements
    • Drafting and advice on policy terms and conditions
    • Advice on administrative and operational requirements, including outsourcing.
  • Product research

    • Tailored product research and competitor analysis reports based on the client's requirements
    • Our research database goes down to fund level pricing for personal pensions, investment bonds and offshore bonds
    • Both off and on-platform products covered
    • For platform products, our research database includes products linked to collective investment schemes
    • We produce reports both for internal use and for publishing to sales staff and IFAs.
  • Regulatory

    • Advice and commentary on rules, guidance and consultations from regulators
    • Applications for authorisation and changes to permissions
    • Our partners include specialist compliance consultants.
  • Training

    • Providing tailored training to directors and senior management e.g. on new products, investment strategies, actuarial or regulatory matters.
  • Unit linked

    • Investments and permitted links
    • Disclosure of management charges including underling expenses to policyholders
    • Policyholder illustrations
    • Unit pricing methodology
    • Rectification of pricing errors and expense disclosure failures, including, where appropriate, redress to policyholders.

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Actuaries and consultants